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The World of the warm water all over the year!
With a hot spring, enjoy swimming during all seasons in the Sorak Waterpia!

  Waves Pool is called "Shark Blue" and you can enjoy surfing indoors
just as the dynamic surfing in the east sea. Of course, you ought
to wear a life jacket, and then, you can run into the heart of the little Pacific happily.
  It enables you to tan through the same effect of the artificial light as the effect of the sun light.
  A hot spring flows along the different shaped pools inside and outside.
You can amuse yourself with bathing and swimming.
  This is an outdoor swimming pool shaped like square(length 25 meters). You can use it during 4 seasons. Under the street lamps at night, you can swim at any time. It is one of the great prides Sorak Waterpia has.